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News in the Baton Rouge

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29th August 2011

10:08am: August 2011 Headlines
Title: Police probe LSU brawl
Source: Advocate/WAFB/WVLA/WBRZ/WGMB
Author: Kimberly Vetter and Les East
POC: Justin – dst.batonrouge@gmail.com

Baton Rouge Police are investigating a bar fight early Friday that reportedly involved several LSU football players, including senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, a police spokesman said.Read more...Collapse )---------------------------------------------------------------------------­---------

Title: Services for the Beleaguered
Source: Advocate – Advertisement
Author: Deacon Regor Kiln, Praise Family Church
POC: dst.batonrouge@gmail.com/ jbrown2078@gmail.com

Individuals have been seeking solace from the increase in violence. Deacon Regor organizes prayer sessions at Praise Family Church on Wednesdays and Saturdays afternoon and evening sessions. Praise Family Church has joined forces with Battered Womens Program in Baton Rouge to raise money to help those affected. If you are interested in donating or participating in bake sale please contact 225-555-9999.


Title: Local Businessman in Critical care
Source: Advocate/WAFB/WVLA/WBRZ/WGMB
Author: David Mitchell
POC: dst.batonrouge@gmail.com

Police are investigating a possible drive by shooting on Westfork drive. Business owner William Mancuso was found outside his office building after being shot four times says sources. No comment was made by authorities or William’s wife, Katalyn. William is currently in critical condition.

Construction workers missing
Source: Advocate – classified
Authors: Miscellaneous Family members
POC: dst.batonrouge@gmail.com/ jbrown2078@gmail.com

Multiple individuals reported missing on their way to work for Roy Anderson construction.

Read more...Collapse )


Title: Floral inspired art 
Source: Advocate/WAFB/WVLA/WBRZ/WGMB/www.lsumoa.com/
Author: Renee' B. Payton POC: dst.batonrouge@gmail.com

We are pleased to announce Vincient Van Gogh's Irises on display which is on loan. Celebrating this display we encourage local artists to send their floral pieces or ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

Note: This is news articles for a Role Playing game

17th October 2007

2:19pm: October Headlines
Festive Time in Baton Rouge
by Mary Martin from the Advocate

The holiday season seems to be starting early this year. The city council and the Better Business Bureau have agreed to a plan of a local businessman. The plan calls for a festival to be held on Halloween. The good news for residents is that donations provide funds for this plan. The plan calls for a Halloween Village be built downtown. This village will be open from 4 pm till 10 pm. There will be live music from local bands, seasonal crafts, and carnival style games. For the children, a "Trick or Treat Town" will be constructed. This will be a combination of the old fashion trick or treating with a haunted house. Between these two places, there will be activities for the whole family. Local merchants and craftsman are called to contribute their time to sell their various crafts and refreshments.

While researching this story, we learned that a Mr. Fernando de la Vega was the businessman involved. It seems that he has not only spent time planning this festival out, but it seems that he is also donating the materials necessary for its construction. We attempt to interview Mr. Vega. When we called his office, they informed us that he was busy with the final stages of planning. But, we were told that he would be happy to contact us a his first available moment. Till then, we are left to wonder what would cause a businessman to spend this time and money in a project.

West Baton Rouge Booming?

It seems that many industrial plants in West Baton Rouge are in full swing with large amounts of production. According to one worker, the machinery is running better than ever. He is left wondering if the higher-ups called for any late night overhaul and replacements. When we talked with the management of many of the plants, they attributed the rise in production to the hard work and tireless effort of their workers and the ingenuity of the management. At every plant, it was agreed that while the machinery is working so well they will make their products. Whatever the cause, it seems that industry of West Baton Rouge is on the rise.

New Theme for Local Club
by Carl Tannock from the Advocate

The club has been open for just a month. And in that time, they have become the hottest nightclub in town. Not only that, it also introduced Baton Rouge to the big city concepts of Foamy Parties and elite clientele. Now, La Loca Luna is about to do it again. In an attempt to pull even more people, the high class nightclub will begin to pull from some of the more underground communities. This can be shown in the introduction of their "Furry Night". When asked what that would entail, a spokesperson for the club said, "As the name suggests, you come as your favorite animal, and you get into the club without any cover. Otherwise, you'll have to wait in line like the rest."

The club opened its doors to mixed reviews in September. Yet, it has definately taken off. This new event seems aptly timed for the Halloween season, it makes one wonder what will be next.

Morose Hobbies

Many people spend their time building birdhouses, painting, or even shaping their hedges. One man has apparent began sculpting with roadkill. Simon Parks has begun to construct statues of historical figures using roadkill. Mr. Parks is a local taxidermist and a hobbyist sculptor. In what he calls a flash of genuis, he decided to combine the two. A neighbor was the first to notice this macabre specticle when he went to examine what appear to be a statue of Davy crockett. When he got close, he realized that the coonskin hat and the flesh on the hands were real. The police arrived to investigate, but no charges could be pressed as no current laws were being broken. Local residents are planning to discuss this grotesque menagerie at an emergency meeting of the neighborhood organization. "Having a hobby is one thing, but this is an affront to God and nature," proclaimed Agnes Forsythe, 81.

18th June 2007

2:05pm: Hogwalish
By Edmund Ratcliff from Paranoid Gazette

They want you to believe that this accident was a two animals fighting, bah. How stupid do they think we are?Collapse )
2:02pm: More odd animal sightings
by Mary Martin from the Advocate

Many sightseers in St. Francisville had their weekend interrupted. There was another brutal accident related to strange animal sightings. Though reports are conflicting as to what happened in the forests of peaceful St. Francisville that caused the six car accident.
More strange animalistic occurances...Collapse )

28th May 2007

4:35pm: Lifestyles of the rich and famous?
By Vanessa Langouis from The Advocate

The unbeatable Jean-Luc Chevalier has died on Saturday due to causes
unknown. While in court the ledger recorded him taking a
few of unmarked pills during the end of the trial. Shortly after the
sentence he began convulsing on the floor and died. His body has
mysteriously disappeared from the county morgue as well. The county
court would not disclose what the case pertained to or the outcome.

In other news an LSU law professor has announce he will be including Jean-Luc's
cases in his class for the fall semester. Hoping some of his students
will become as talented as this late legend in the legal circuit.
4:33pm: Camp Negligence
By John Robateux from The Advocate

Camp councilors, Jennifer Bridges and Robert Parker took a group of
children to the Comite river national reserve on a routine field
trip. Sadly, the trip was not routine. Several children were
accosted by a large swarm of mosquitoes and other stinging insects
receiving welts and luckily no reports of west nile virus were found
among them. Additionally two children were attacked by a nest of
water moccasins. Both are in critical care.

Jennifer stated it was like a plague. We tried to get the children
out when we saw the cloud of insects, but there were so many bugs, not
to mention the two poor children who were bitten by snakes in the

Several parents are beginning to take legal action against BREC and
their staff for the obvious negligence and mental suffering their
children had to face.

19th May 2007

4:30pm: Contagious Hallucinations?
by Beau Winters from the Advocate

A woman experiencing a hallucination after a downtown area car
collision reported seeing what she calls "an ambulance coming from
nowhere... really, it just appeared from thin air” from Baton Rouge
Behavioral Health Hospital.

Symptoms such as these are commonplace for those suffering from stress
induced mental disorders, but her story is a little more unusual. The
hallucination was apparently shared by two other staff members of the
hospital, who came forward after hearing the woman's story. Both staff
members have submitted to drug testing as well as a full
psychological evaluation.

"What adds to the strangeness of this incident is that neither staff
member claims to have consulted with the patient or each other,"
states Harriet Meyer, MD, PhD, who gave her statement to reporters on
behalf of the Hospital. "Both spoke of this to the Nurse Supervisor
within the day, but at different times. Their stories also matched,
in every detail."

7th May 2007

3:35pm: Cujo Sightings?
by Mary Martin from the Advocate

Highway 30 was home to a horrible three car pile up this weekend. Sources claim they saw a large dog-like creature approximately the size of a horse jump off the hood first car in the accident, which consequently swerved into oncoming traffic. Onlookers say it jumped over the next lane of traffic like a gazelle and continued running towards Bayou Paul. Some saw a smaller creature scurried across at lightning speeds that the beast was following but was unable to see what it was aside from a blur. Strange animalsCollapse )

22nd April 2007

2:26pm: A threat on the rise?
By Carl Tannock from The Advocate
April 22, 2007
Drug trafficking has been on a steady rise in Baton Rouge,
specifically a 'new' strain of marijuana. Many attribute the recent
rise in violence to the drug. Other theories link the drug to a spike in
depression cases. The debate has sparked a lot concern over this
relatively new wave of crime.
Would you like to know more!Collapse )

18th April 2007

11:21pm: LSU Libraries to Have Spring Cleaning
(circulated into the LSU papers, and in the Advocate)

by Candy Sherman, Graduate Assistant

With the end of the semester drawing near, the LSU Department of Library and Information Science will be hosting a book sale starting April 28 and lasting until the end of finals week.

Until recently, Middleton has kept excess inventory and abandoned books in holding. But in order to make room for the ever expanding number of books, magezines, journals, and other assorted media, the department is hoping to free up some room with this joint sale and giveaway.

Yes, a giveaway. Free stuff.

Granted, most of the things that are up for the taking are older out of date and out of print text books (they can still be useful), but a perceptive student might find any number of diamonds in the rough.

The sale will feature books that do have an appreciable value, but are either duplicates or not suitable for library circulation. But rest assured that any item will go for a reasonably low price. The sale consists of items from both Middleton and Hill Memorial. Proceeds will go to renovations and expansions. Books unclaimed or unsold at the end of the semester will be donated to charities serving underpriviledged schools across the country.

16th April 2007

1:23pm: Hospital security lock-down or bust
By John Robateux from The Advocate
April 16, 2007

Baton Rouge General has received quite a bit of flack recently to a
peculiar series of robberies. These robberies threaten to ruin the
hospital's credibility if they do not take steps to cure the problem.
Over the past two weeks the hospital's morgue has lost supposedly four
bodies out of the morgue. Some speculate the 'reaper ransomers' have
resumed their despicable practice again and soon victim's family will
be receiving a dreaded letter and package on their doorstep.
SpeculationsCollapse )
11:21am: Hospital Deaths
By Edmund Ratcliff from Paranoid Gazette
Again I find my suspicions founded, one of the poor kid patsy the
godless invaders beat to the point of death has been killed. My
reporters tell me three individuals entered the hospital under the
guise of priests to visit the two boys but the hero healthcare worker
wouldn't let them. What are they trying to do? Clean up the mess
that was interrupted by the cops. I believe their patsies were not
supposed to survive and they were frightened away by our fine police
force. The boys know something the aliens don't want us to know. I
wonder if they took them away for a time. I hear that one person even
witnessed the body snatchers in the morgue. One muscleman, a sleek
business man, and a tattooed street punk were mulling around the
morgue looking for bodies to take for their experiments. The slimy
guys are getting pretty brave lately. I even hear the cops caught the
murderer of the poor boy but the handcuffs were broken like a
toothpick and he ripped off the squad car door then blinded the cop
escaping without a trace. Beamed back to the mother-ship smugly
satisfied with a mission partially complete. I believe the surviving
boy needs to be protected; he may hold our safety in his memories.

8th April 2007

2:46pm: Resumed threat
By Edmund Ratcliff from Paranoid Gazette
I am surprised at how far and low aliens will go. Additionally at how
gullible the cops are, I mean if I found a group of people beat up
around some corpses. I am not going to assume criminals. The aliens are
trying to learn our weaknesses and practicing demoralization tactics
by sending back parts of our dead. Don't be fooled we may soon see
the culmination of their plans. I ask my readers to keep vigilant and
look to the skies.
2:44pm: Misguided youth or something sinister
By Vanessa Langouis from The Advocate
April 8, 2007

Our town has not suffered from the coined 'reaper ransomers' for over
a year. Two youth were arrested yesterday for robbing a morgue then
dismembering the bodies. The police will not release the names of the
victims or the youth. There is a report that the youth were found in
critical condition and had to be sent to a hospital. Our hearts and
prayers go out to the families of the victim and the youth.
A sad caseCollapse )

9th January 2007

9:14pm: Pastor Says Farewell After 20 Years of Service
Last Sunday marked both an ending and a beginning in the history of Arise! Gospel Church. It was not only the anniversary marking two decades of evangelism for Pastor Emmanuel Brown, but his farewell service.

Pastor Brown would not comment on recent accusations involving members of his congregation which may have prompted his departure. He did however issue the following statement at his service,

"Fellow Brothers and Sisters, I know I've not been the best man I can be, the best man to lead you to God. Somewhere along the line, I don't know when, but I lost touch with Him. You could say I let doubt in... and it paved the way for Satan. He tricked me, made me think I could find God in ways that only brought me, and with me, others down... and for that, my Brothers and Sisters...I don't know what I can say...other than that I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.

I know that ain't gonna make the things I said and done go away. I've got some repentin' to do...and till I'm cleansed by the Lord, I'm not fit to stand here before you as the leader ya'll need.

But don't you worry! I ain't leaving you high and dry, brothers and sisters...the Word will carry on! Brother Micheal will be taking charge of the duties of this Church here, and all the plans we've made over the past few years, they'll happen, the Church will grow and spread it's wings, it's Words, and it's message.

I'll be keeping you all in my prayers while I search for the Salvation I hope I ain't lost. May God keep you all, Brothers and Sisters...."

Pastor Brown's office is empty, waiting for his replacement to settle in. Brown has not answered inquiries on where he will be moving to or if he plans on continuing to minister.

26th September 2006

3:28pm: Trask Enterprises Announces New Development

Speaking with Daniel Hannin (Picture in Caption block to the side), he announced that CEO and owner of Trask Enterprise Ian O'Neil has taken a bid to start building a Power Station out in the surrounding Baton Rouge area. This power station is part of a larger network of substations that will supply cheap and clean power to the city. People can expect once this station has been built to have a cut in there bills by at least ten dollars. We hope that this will bring a new wave to the use of electrical energy that will keep the deteriation of nature to a minimum for years to come. Solicitations for jobs such as contractors, surveyors, skilled and unskilled labor has been posted in the local newspaper and announced on the news. As they state in there motto: "We enjoy bringing the community together with our deeds."

Are Women Really Safe these Days

As of the following week sixteen (16) women have been sexually assualted by an unknown assailent. The victims have described their attacker as a man who is large and powerful. He also has been said to be hairy and or unshaven. Yet accounts to his actually physical appearance have varied from each testimony. Police are sure that this is the same person who has been doing each of the assualts. His general method of attack has been to catch them and assualt them in a darkened alley or to take them to a well forested area. Police are not comminting on the events, there only words are is that they have the situation under control. We urger our female readers to be on guard at all times when out at night. We insist that they do not travel alone and carry some form of personal protection device.

21st September 2006

5:22pm: Baton Rouge Church Spreading Their Wings
Baton Rouge- What was once a small neighborhood church has seemingly become a hub of renewed religious fervor. Arise! Gospel Church has found the newfound enthusiasm not just good for the soul, but good for expansion.

"We're pleased to announce that we've reached our fundraising goals," states Emmanuel Brown, the church's lead Pastor, known for his exuberant and firey sermons. "We'll be building a school to adjoin with the church, expanding from our current Student Learning Center. If the growth continues, we may be able to buy some of the older and unused buildings around to spread the ministry! This is a very exciting time for us."

Pastor Brown continues with his sermons, despite whispers of secrets surrounding his newfound energy. It has been a few months since the Pastor suffered a severe head injury while in the middle of a sermon espousing the evils of the occult.

"It was His way of testing me, and I believe I have been found worthy. God sent his servant, and I know He is with me. He continues still to show me the righteousness of the ministry!" Brown exclaims when asked how, "Satan's agents are among us, they would walk right into his Hallowed place unseen...but I have seen! And with His help, I will help find the evil that lurks among us and purify it, to save the souls of all His children."

When asked how he intends to begin this work, Brown stated that the younger members of the congregation would be assisting the Baptist church on the LSU campus, as many were now beginning their fall semsester there.
3:11pm: Shootout in Neighborhood Leaves Teen Dead
Zachary- In what has been described as a "drug deal gone wrong," a Zachary teen was shot to death in his home.

The 15 year old was taken into custody on a first degree murder count after allegedly breaking into the home of a friend after an drug deal involving marijuana. The suspect shot him twice in the stomach, and once in the head. He was found dead by paramedics at the scene.

Neighbors heard the gunshots and saw the suspect fleeing from the scene. Police soon apprehended the teen, who could be heard screaming "f***er put my pot in a broken bag, had it f***in' coming" as he was placed into custody.

The teen's name is currently being withheld, and is now under a $20,000 bond. Police have been speaking of the possibility that he will be tried as an adult.

13th September 2006

6:27pm: NEW ORLEANS NEWS HEADLINE Thursday September 7th
Last night an as of yet unidentified male was killed on his way home to his Metairie apartment. The police have only said that" (he) was killed by two large caliber rounds from a good distance" One source confirmed that police investigators are bafiled as to how the assailant had access to a three story building with no roof access. The informant also stated that it appears to be the work of a proffessional snipper.

15th August 2006

10:59pm: Family Dies in Tragic Home Fire
New Orleans- A family of four perished in their home Sunday night, sending their normally quiet neighborhood into shock and grief.

The Allen family- David, 42, Linda, 37, and their two children Brittany, 14, and Thomas, 10 were found in their home at 1006 Crystal St. having suffered from severe burns and smoke inhalation.

Neighbors reported no unusual activity during the time of the fire, estimated to have begun in the early hours of the morning. Firefighters and police were quick to arrive at the scene once the blaze caught the attention of the nearby residents.

Investigation of the scene once the fire was put out showed the doors had fused into the doorframes, preventing them from escaping.

The cause of the blaze has not been determined as of yet.

Funeral services will be held this weekend at Mater Delorosa Church.

11th August 2006

1:22pm: Strange Tree Does Its Own Watering
Zachary, La - Odd treeCollapse )
1:20pm: Unicorn Returns with a Message
City Park, Baton Rouge-The 800-pound solid bronze unicorn that stood in City Park disappeared Monday. Somebody returned it Thursday morning, with a mysterious message attached.

The unicorns note says, Hello, Im the unicorn. Sorry if I caused a fuss, but I just needed to see the world outside of my shrine. I won't ever go away again. The Thurbers take good care of me. Hopefully more people will come and see me now that Im famous. Look Ma, I'm on TV! Sincerely, Unicorn

10th August 2006

7:01pm: Reports of Marijuana Arrests on the Rise
New Orleans- In the past month, arrests for possession of marijuana have skyrocketed. Police have been dealing with a new wave of interest in the drug, attributing it to the return of many of the city's residents after a prolonged absence from Katrina.

Some remain skeptical of this, saying the number of arrests is unprecedented even by statistics from before the hurricane.

Lt Harry Peterson states, "What we're likely seeing is a combination of new residents, old residents, new dealers trying to make their way here, and probably a few other drug types getting thrown in. We've been dealing with a raised level of violence in conjunction with these arrests."

Police are urging parents to watch their children for signs of marijuana use and to educate them about the consequences.

22nd July 2006

6:21pm: Classified

Men of Mercy – Are you interested in being an active member of your community? Would you like to make a difference? We try to help those in need. If you are interested please contact us at (225) 555-5555

Zoey - Hi, this is the guy you met a few weeks ago at that odd party in my mansion. Hoping to see you again - I bear no grudges for the way you left me. You should still have my number - feel free to drop me a line - Dr. S

21st July 2006

3:03pm: Pot Found in Downtown Planter
New Orleans- An anonymous caller led a police officer to a 3-foot-tall marijuana plant growing in a brick planter along a downtown sidewalk.

Detective Alex Kowalski said the marijuana was likely planted on purpose. The plant was pulled and destroyed Monday.

Donald Sanders, president of the Business Improvement District, which finds volunteers to maintain the planters, suspected the marijuana was planted as a joke and said the volunteers were unlikely to have noticed it. ''I wouldn't know a marijuana plant from a dandelion,'' he said. ''I'm not sure if they would either.''
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